Below is the text I recently posted on the forum for the Digital Curation MOOC I have begun this week. It is (yet another) attempt to clarify/define the term in a meaningful way: ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— After doing some wider reading around the term, starting with the article by Leslie Johnston, I would like to add some […]

I recently signed up for the free MOOC ‘Introduction to Digital Curation’, run by the UCL via its eXtend platform. One of the first activities was to introduce yourself to the other partipants in the chat forum/message board. Fairly straight-forward, but there was also the option to get involved in a forum discussion around definitions […]

A few weeks ago I took part in a UkLibChat discussion on Twitter about digital libraries. Rather than going over all the different points raised in that chat (those interested in such a narrative would be better served by searching Twitter for #uklibchat or waiting for the relevant post on the uklibchat blog chat archive), […]

Rock stars – or, at least, wannabe-rock stars – will tell you Keith Richards is the most interesting member of The Rolling Stones. Don’t listen to them; it is, and always has been, Mick Jagger who is the most intriguing, most complex, member of the self-styled “world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll band”.  This latest biography […]

Part I   This is a return to “first principles”. Well, not really a “return”: a “first stating” of “first principles”. Many of the conclusions I reach here could well be filed under “re-inventing the wheel”; but originality was never really the point. The purpose of this exercise was for me, myself & I to […]

Around a year ago the department I work in at the Leeds Central Library – Business and Research* – was faced with a fairly significant set of proposed changes. This was (or, rather, is) to involved the department partnering with the British Library to create a new Intellectual Property centre (set to open next year). […]

Brief report of my attendance at an Intellectual Property Masterclass last week. This document is intended for my ACLIP portfolio.   IP MASTERCLASS COURSE     WHEN: 18TH – 20TH OF November 2013   WHERE: ST MELLONS BEST WESTERN HOTEL, CARDIFF       BACKGROUND   This is a course run by the UK Intellectual […]