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Notes Toward an Introduction To An Essay Entitled “Why Be a Public Librarian?”

Part I   This is a return to “first principles”. Well, not really a “return”: a “first stating” of “first principles”. Many of the conclusions I reach here could well be filed under “re-inventing the wheel”; but originality was never really the point. The purpose of this exercise was for me, myself & I to […]

A Contribution to Debates on Public Library Reference Libraries

Around a year ago the department I work in at the Leeds Central Library – Business and Research* – was faced with a fairly significant set of proposed changes. This was (or, rather, is) to involved the department partnering with the British Library to create a new Intellectual Property centre (set to open next year). […]

IP Masterclass – November 2013

Brief report of my attendance at an Intellectual Property Masterclass last week. This document is intended for my ACLIP portfolio.   IP MASTERCLASS COURSE     WHEN: 18TH – 20TH OF November 2013   WHERE: ST MELLONS BEST WESTERN HOTEL, CARDIFF       BACKGROUND   This is a course run by the UK Intellectual […]

Notes On Stock Knowledge

Another “stop-gap” post before I complete my “mission statement” piece. I recently applied for a Librarian position within my current organisation. This is the first time I have done so and I was not completely surprised to find I had not been succesful at even getting an interview. While I will be seeking feedback (and […]

A Library Visit

I am currently working on a “mission statement”. This will outline my public library “theory of mind” – something, as per the previous blog, I feel is necessary before beginning any other CPD. However, I visited the Marks and Spencer Archive at the Leeds Unviersity yesterday and have written up something for my ACLIP portfolio. I reproduce it […]